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Related article: Date: Fri, 08 Dec 2006 08:02:25 +1100 From: Iain Robertson Subject: After Nick & Noah - chapter 5Copyright for this story belongs to and remains with the author. I don't have any major objection to my work being re-distributed, but ASK FIRST!!!This is a gay adult story with the consequent language and images. If homosexuality and/or sexually explicit themes offend you then do not continue. If these are illegal in your area, then you have my sympathy, but you proceed at your own risk.This is a work of fiction, and as such the characters are not bound by the usual dictates of modern society. Unsafe sexual practices can be undertaken with impunity only in the world of fantasy. In reality, it is your obligation and your right to play safely, sanely and healthily.I hope you enjoy my work, and if you have any comments, or ideas that may inspire new work, please feel free to contact me ^� all emails will be answered to the best of my ability. Nick and NoahChapter 5The next morning, Nick and Noah, were still no more hopeful of finding anything else in their search of Richard's secret life."It seems to me that this is going nowhere," Nick stated dejectedly."I think you're right," Noah agreed. "As far as I can tell, no-one who knew him as `Mr Dominance' has heard from him or seen him since before the fight with Joe, and it seems extremely unlikely that he would have gone to them for sympathy or support after that. The whole scene is built around not knowing too much about who you're having sex with. It just doesn't tie in with finding someone to run to after a fight with your lover."Nick shook his head. "Back to the drawing board," he said."Yes, I'm afraid so. Back to Joe, to start all over again." ***When they arrived at Joe's place, it was Tony who let them in. "He's still upset after yesterday," Tony warned them. "He told me you found out Richard was sleeping around. I told you!""Yeah, Tony, we know," Nick accepted."But we still don't know what has happened to him," Noah added."Maybe he's gone forever?" Tony offered."Who knows. But we said we'd try to help, so until Joe is ready to give up, we'll still keep trying."Joe was sitting on the sofa, a half finished coffee in front of him. He looked up hopefully when they came in, but the look on their faces was enough for him to see there was no news.Noah answered his unasked question. "Sorry, Joe. We had a little luck with the guy we mentioned yesterday ..." he shot a glance at Tony, and Joe gulped, but Noah went on carefully. "... but that seems to be a dead end. None of Lolita Cumshots `those people' ..." he emphasised the words, earning a curious look from Tony, which he ignored. "None of those people could help. We don't think they know any more than you do.""Anything from any of your mutual friends?" Nick asked, more from duty than any real hope."No, I called around again yesterday after you left. No-one knows anything.""What about family?" Noah asked. "Does he have any brothers or sisters, anyone like that he may have gone to?"Joe shook his head. "His parents are both dead. He only has one sister, but they haven't spoken in years. She refused to have anything to do with him when she found out he was gay. He wouldn't have gone there. I wouldn't even know how to reach her.""Mate," Nick said softly. "I hate to say it, but I just don't know what else we can do."Joe said nothing. He looked at Nick, then to Noah, and found no hope in either of their faces. He looked to Tony, but all he saw there was pity. His head dropped, and his body began to shake, as he cried soundlessly."I think you better go," Tony said. ***"That is so sad," Nick commented as they drove home. "That you have no family, or that your family refuses to see you.""You don't have any family left," Noah said. "Does it worry you?""But I do," Nick replied. "I have your family. Your mum, your brothers and sisters, have all adopted me. I know I'm part of the family. If anything happened to us, to you, I know I could go to any one of them."Noah smiled. "I'm so happy you feel that way," he said. "Too many guys have living relatives, but no family! It's so hard for them."They let themselves into the house, to find Indiana, their dog, demanding some attention. "Hi," Nick said as he reached down to scratch Indy under the chin. "I guess you've been neglected the last few days. You can have us all day today, I promise," he said.Noah laughed. "He'll be bored again in half an hour ^� you wait and see!"Sure enough, after getting some cuddles, and chasing a ball around the yard for a while, Indy was soon ready for a sleep, and ignored Nick's efforts to continue their game."Ingrate!" he declared."If you have so much energy, I'm sure I can find something for you to do," Noah remarked."Oh boy," Nick pretended a pained expression, "More chores!"Now it was Noah's turn to act hurt. "Well, if you don't want to ... I thought we could catch up with some maintenance ^� downstairs!". He grinned evilly as he waited for Nick's reaction. He didn't have to wait long."Oh, that kind of maintenance," Nick said, excitement growing in his voice. `Downstairs' was their secret code for suggesting some time in their dungeon. "Yeah, I guess `downstairs' could use some work again!" His eyes sparkled as he ran a hungry look over Noah's body."Come on, stud," Noah hissed, leading the way.Nick may have been the dominant partner in their `downstairs' exploits, but it was Noah who immediately took charge of proceedings this afternoon. With both of them stripped naked, he led his man into the warm inky blackness of their dungeon. Dispelling the darkness with a single candle, the tall blond stood back and admired the smiling hunk before him: short and swarthy, but muscled and powerful, his thick penis lengthening rapidly under Noah's gaze. Nick began to speak, but Noah held him to silence with a finger over those large round lips."Let me," Noah said softly but commandingly. "Just stand there and let me enjoy you."His partner raised an eyebrow in surprise, but willingly complied. There was something strangely compelling about Noah's tone, and it Lolita Cumshots did nothing to abate Nick's excitement.Wordlessly, Noah turned to the closet which held their not unextensive collection of gear, looking back often to his mate appraisingly. He selected a full harness of wide but unadorned leather straps and expertly buckled it over and around Nick's upper body, trailing his hands along the lines of the hide where it curved under his Greek god's pecs. Next came a pair of shining chaps ^� the tightest he knew Nick would fit into. With the legs unzippered, Noah stood hard behind his man as he reached around and snapped then buckled the waistband together across Nick's belly, before moving to kneel before the other man and slowly, almost lovingly, sliding the zippers down from Nick's groin all the way to his ankles. With his face bare centimetres from the pillared musculature that was his master's legs, Noah's breathing quickened as he felt himself harden in anticipation.Offering only the merest hint of assistance, Nick watched in growing arousal as Noah then slid gleaming black harness boots onto each of his feet. His `viking boy' was almost supine as he ministered to Nick's garbing, and somehow this entire scene of being fawned over was getting Nick far more horny than he would have expected.As the boots encased Nick's feet, Noah could not resist the urge to prostrate himself, licking eagerly at each in turn before lifting his face to take in the beauty of his man's cock jutting proudly out from his body, and Nick's face looking approvingly down at him. The tall slave then fetched a cockring and ball separator, carefully feeding each of Nick's testicles through the thick chrome before sliding that impressive snake of flesh through the metal ring ^� and not without some difficulty; Nick's erection was throbbing into fullness with every beat of his heart. As the silver circle sat back against Nick's pelvis, Noah snapped the leather ball separator around his nuts, and tantalisingly trailed a finger over his lover's eggs.Returning to the repository of equipment, Noah collected the remainder of the gear for his man, and maintaining a lowered gaze of supplication (which happily allowed him to drink in the sight of Nick's body), he settled studded leather gauntlets on each forearm, and buckled wide black bicep bands around Nick's muscled upper arms. With his face down still, the slave that Noah was playing, carefully slid a soft Master's hood of kid leather over Nick's head and adjusted it into position.Done, Noah stood back and asked in a quiet voice, "Is this satisfactory, Trojan, Sir?"Nick found it difficult to speak at first, so impressed, and so excited, was he."Excellent, boy!" he hissed in approval. Somehow, even now, Noah had managed to seem so submissive that he actually felt smaller ^� not an easy task given that his `boy' stood a full eight inches taller in reality. "Now, get yourself ready ..."Noah hurried to obey, but Nick grinned inwardly as he caught a glimmer of excited anticipation in Noah's eyes. Happily, he knew that Noah was just as turned on by this as he was himself. Without offering any comment or assistance, Nick took up a position of dominance, placing himself between the soft glow of the candle and the spot where Noah began to dress. With his legs spread wide and feet firmly planted, Nick crossed his arms on his chest, and settled in to observe his slave don more shining black leather.Eagerly, Noah selected his own wardrobe and began to dress himself. A double harness Lolita Cumshots that wrapped around his chest and again around his abdomen was quickly settled into place, followed by long black chaps that gripped at his legs. As he stooped to fasten the chaps, Noah glanced up to see his master standing watching him. From this angle, all the slave could see was Nick's silhouette, created by the light from the tiny single flame. The dimness only served to heighten the sense of power and eroticism he felt, knowing that the shadow watching him was waiting patiently for him to surrender himself to it, and to pure pleasure. Hurriedly now, he fitted a cockring around his penis, slid his feet into boots matching Nick's, and fitted his slave hood over his head. With that final act he felt a strange sense of anonymity descend upon him, and realised that he could be anyone; that the dark figure watching him could be a complete stranger. A thrill raced through his body causing him to tremble a little."Trojan, Sir," he said, almost pleading. "I am yours; to use as you please.""Indeed!" Nick responded. "Get over Lolita Cumshots here and lick my boots!"Scrambling to obey, Noah was quickly on all fours, his head down and his arse in the air as he lowered his mouth to the shining leather of his Master's boots and began to lick in earnest, laving the black hide with his tongue and spitting softly at the footwear before wiping it clean again. Nick remained as he had been, legs spread and arms crossed as he looked down upon the slave at his feet excitedly.Noah's hands were on the back of Nick's calves, gently rubbing them through the stretched black of the chaps, as his mouth began its ascent of the muscled pillars upon which his man stood. He could feel the slightest throbbing of life in those legs, the hint of arousal which was more than mirrored by the straining length of his own cock. He felt movement from his master but continued his attentions, before flinching to the soft but unexpected slap of a hand upon his bare and upturned butt cheek. The slap, light as it was, merely served to encourage him further, and he attacked Nick's legs with greater fervour. Another slap, not so surprising this time, and he groaned softly."Yes, Sir ..." he whispered."Keep at it, boy!" he heard Nick hiss quietly, as the figure in front of him moved again, to the accompanying sound of Nick scrabbling at the adjacent shelf where they kept their `toys'.Reluctantly diverting his attention from the prone slave enthusiastically licking and sucking at his boots and lower legs, Nick reached out and picked up a largish black butt plug, and a bottle of lubricant. While his slave continued to attend to his booted feet and leathered claves, he quickly coated the stubby latex dong with lube, then leaned forward and began to rub the glistening, slimy toy across Noah's upper back."You know what this is, boy?" he asked menacingly."Yes, Sir," came the speedy but respectful reply, as Noah maintained his tongue-washing of Nick's chaps."Then what should I do with it?" Nick demanded."Use it, Sir. Use it on me. Put it inside me, Sir," the slave answered emphatically."You'd like that, wouldn't you, Viking Boy? You like having that hot little arse of yours filled, don't you? But you have to deserve it! You're not here for your own pleasure, but for mine. Remember that!""Yes, Sir!" Noah whispered hoarsely. "Use me for your pleasure, Sir. Do whatever you want with me, Sir. I'm just your toy!""Mmmm," Nick hummed in appreciation. "Look up at me, boy," he ordered.His slave complied, lifting his head to gaze upwards at the Master standing over him. From this angle, what Noah saw were two long, powerful leather clad legs converging at Nick's groin where a thick, throbbing penis jutted proudly and invitingly out from his man's body. Above that Nick's face stared down at him, and between the stern visage and the veiny cock his master held a glistening black plug out for him to see."This what you want?" Nick asked again.Noah simply nodded."I asked if this was what you wanted," his master thundered down at him."Yes, Sir," Noah yelped."How much do you want it?""I need it, Sir. Real Bad! Please, Trojan, fill my arse with it. Shove it into me, and use me, Sir. I beg you ^� use me like the slave I am. Your slave. Please ..."The pleading tone, and the begging of the man below him, intensified Nick's arousal a hundredfold. His already hard cock jumped to total erection, a long sliver of crystal pre-cum oozing from him and falling onto his slave's upturned face."Maybe you do deserve it," he said, trying to sound unconvinced. "Of course, I'm gonna make you earn it anyway! Stay on your knees, push your face into the floor and point your hole skywards, and don't move," he ordered.Noah quickly complied, and as he moved around to stand behind his boy, Nick casually dropped a small vial of amyl so that it landed adjacent to Noah's head. He noted with approval that his partner surreptitiously collected the bottle and moved his hands up towards his face.Kneeling behind his slave, Nick nudged Noah's legs even wider with his own knees, and happily drank in the sight of firm white globes framed by gleaming black leather, a soft pink target winking slightly at him. His prick throbbed yet again, but he resisted the temptation to fuck that hole right then and there, bringing the wet latex up to the entrance to Noah's body instead. Slowly he nudged the head of the toy against the soft skin of his slave's anus. Pushing in a little, then pulling it back before pressing just a little further, Nick watched intently as his man's body responded, gradually opening up further with each insertion and withdrawal, accepting the invasion and eagerly wanting more. Nick found it amazingly erotic that he could wield such power, such control over another, by teasing open the rosebud gateway to Noah's innards with this device whilst he delighted in watching the process from so close a vantage point, and revelled in the whimpers of pleasure escaping his boy as he did so.Noah knelt in his semi prone position, thrills of anticipation racing through him. He felt the head of the plug being slowly pushed into him, then removed and re-inserted just a little further, over and over again. He trembled with the growing pleasure, and the anticipation of more to come. Both of them knew from happy experience that he could easily accommodate the toy within his rectum, but that same experience had allowed them to see how much enjoyment Noah took from this slow working in and out, the gentle but firm stretching of his sphincter as it prepared to be breached.Groaning softly, Noah began to move in rhythm with his master's strokes, edging himself back onto the toy as Nick pressed it into him. He could sense that it was almost at its widest point, and would be swallowed by his arse within the next few moments. Unscrewing the lid of the amyl, he took a single long sniff from the bottle and re-capped it. As the tingling rush of blood heightened his every sensation and his body came alive, Lolita Cumshots he knew that Nick was aware of what he had done. He felt a final sudden push, and the wide flange of the plug passed through his ring of muscle. His body sucked it in and closed around it as he experienced the wonderful sense of being plugged and filled which came with that acceptance."Unhhh,' he gasped, not from pain but from satisfaction."You like that, don't you, Viking?" Nick grinned. "That's right, my little slave, I know you love being filled that way." As he spoke, he landed a playful slap on Noah's rump, and happily noted the way his boy's rear clenched around the toy in automatic response to the sting."Yes, Trojan, I like that a lot, Sir," he managed to get out, as his body shuddered with arousal.Nick moved to stand in front of his slave again, his legs spread wide, his arms crossed. "Now finish what you started, boy," he commanded.Noah resumed his licking of his master's legs, all too conscious of the thick latex bung stopping up his hole. He eagerly laved at the leather clad calves, bobbing from side to side as he worked his way up his man's sturdy legs. His hands strayed to the backs of Nick's thighs as he kissed his way over the other man's knees and slowly moistened the black hide encasing Trojan's thighs, getting ever closer to the prized javelin of turgid flesh throbbing and drooling above his head.Nick watched as his slave moved slowly upward, the ache in his cock testimony to the extent to which he was enjoying this role. It took all his determination to simply stand there and be worshipped by the beautiful, leather clad figure attacking his chaps. When Viking's lips found his nuts, the master let out a groan of delight before lowering his hands to either side of the hooded head at his groin."Not yet, boy," he said as he held his slave's face away from the twitching spear that was his penis. "You have to earn that!""Please , Sir ..." Noah whined as his Master held him in position. Nick flexed the muscles of his cock, making it jump about in front of Noah's eyes, no more than a centimetre or two away. Droplets of clear pre-cum sprayed across the sub's face, trickling down the hood, but the object of his desire remained elusive as Trojan held him in place.Using all of his resolve, Nick backed away from the anxious, pleading slave. "Over here, boy!" he ordered, indicating a slave bench the two had built for themselves. It was something like a carpenter's saw horse but wider ^� a flat surface supported by angled legs. But the surface was covered in leather over foam, and on the legs were attached smaller cushioned supports, as well as shackles.As Noah obeyed, lowering himself so that his torso lay along the bench, Nick moved to the front of the contraption, and snapped handcuffs around his slave's wrists, binding them to the front legs of the bench. Noah's knees came up and rested on the supporting pedals at the back, and Nick used the shackles there to hold his calves in place. The effect was that Noah was now lying face down and unable to move thanks to the restraints on his wrists and legs, his body supported by the main bench but which left his genitals and his arse exposed and open, and his nipples were also clear, as his chest and upper body extended from each side of the narrow railing."You okay, Viking?" Nick asked, his Lolita Cumshots words tough, but his tone serious."Yes, thank you, Sir," Noah responded eagerly, letting his partner know that he was comfortable enough, and excited to be playing this role."Excellent," the Master declared. He handed Noah a bottle of amyl as he checked the bindings. Although the cuffs held Noah in place, because of the design of the slave bench, there was enough `give', enough movement, that he could hold the bottle as he wished, and raise it sufficiently that by lowering his face he could sniff the contents and get the benefit of the enhancer whenever he wished.Satisfied now that his slave was both comfortable, and prepared, Nick stood back and enjoyed the amazing sight of his man, white skin within glistening black leather, bound to the bench, open and vulnerable and awaiting his attentions, the flange of the butt plug moving slightly as Noah flexed his puckering muscles around the invading toy. A sense of power, combined with responsibility, raced through Nick, his nerves tingling with arousal and excitement. He was indeed lucky to have found in Noah his perfect match, and for them both to have discovered this love of leather that they shared.His cock throbbing, hard and straining with anticipation, the master Trojan enthusiastically moved back in towards his Viking slave. He gripped the base of the plug protruding from Noah's arse, and wriggled it from side to side, eliciting a long low moan of pleasure. Pulling now, Nick slowly edged the toy out of his boy's body, watching intently as the flange stretched his slave's hole wide before allowing it to close again around the tapering shaft. Viking moved around against the chains holding him in place, and Nick grinned as he pushed the toy back in again, even more slowly so that the thickest part of it held his sub's anus open longer than ever. He was rewarded with a deep "Unhhhh!" filled with ecstasy as the thing slid back into Noah's body once more.Trojan relished this power, this control he had over his slave, and he repeated the process several times, vacating Viking boy's body, sometimes slowly, sometimes at speed, then re-filling it with the thick black latex of the anal stopper. Each time, his subject responded with barely controlled murmurings of delight as the dong opened him wide then allowed him to re-clench himself. Feeling more emboldened each time, Nick pulled again, amazed at the extent to which Noah's arse could stretch, but instead of allowing the thing to simply slide through, he held it in place at the widest point, keeping his man's sphincter dilated to the fullest diameter of the toy."Holy fuck!" Noah hissed at the extended stretching."That's right, boy," Nick said, pushing the toy back into it's human receptacle again, and landing a soft slap on his slave's rump. With his cock leaking profusely, Nick moved around to the front of the bench, standing so that his dripping penis was directly in Noah's line of sight."You enjoy that, Viking?""Yes, Sir!" came the emphatic reply."I suppose you want this?" asked his master, waving the long dagger of flesh before the slave's face."Oh, yes, please Sir!" Noah answered in an extended groan of desire. "Give me your cock, please, Trojan, Sir."Nick harrumphed at the plea, continuing to wave his manhood tantalisingly in front of his slave's face. "Soon enough," he said menacingly, before swinging himself from side to side and allowing his long, turgid weapon to slap against Noah's cheeks. Despite his best efforts, the restrained man was unable to catch the prized organ with his lips, and he turned his face in vain to follow the pendulum of his master's prong."I beg you, Trojan," he pleaded, "Give me that fucking sword, please. I need it; I want it, so bad!""Oh, you're gonna get it, Viking Boy, believe me! But when I'm ready."Again he slapped his throbbing, dribbling masculinity at his slave's head, landing resounding whacks of naked flesh against the boy's cheeks, and over the leather hood he wore. Droplets of pre-cum flew from that thick rod, and sprayed across Noah's skin, or left long thin streamers of glistening manjuice hanging from his nose and chin."Pleeease ..." the slave begged, but without success.Leering at his boy, Nick returned to his vantage point at Noah's rear end. Slowly but irresistibly, he pulled at the butt plug until it slid from the slave's body again. Giving the toy a few more pushes, Master Trojan worked the black plug in and out of the shuddering but immobile body before him, and then discarded it in favour of another latex prong ^� a long dildo, ribbed at irregular intervals with raised rings around it's circumference."Let's see how you like this," he muttered at the prone figure as he introduced the head of the latex prick to his slave's puckering hole. To the accompaniment of groans of pleasure from the Viking boy, Nick gripped the handle at the base of the dildo and slowly pushed inward, invading Noah's body with the artificial prong in a steady drive. As each of the raised ridges breached his sphincter and disappeared into him, the slave gasped anew; indrawn breaths of ecstatic delight as his body swallowed the rubber toy."Fuck yeah!" Nick whispered as the base of the Lolita Cumshots rubber cock finally pressed up against his slave's cheeks. Slowly he began to pull it back out, then reversed his motion, pushing again as Viking yelped with joy at each stretching and constricting of his anus. In and out Nick moved the thing, slowly at first, but with increasing speed as Noah adjusted to the incredible sensations filling his arse.Nick was on his haunches now, his face mere centimetres from where the long rubber stick penetrated Noah's body, watching with intense interest as his boy took this monster and begged for more. His cock leaked a steady flow of slime onto the floor below as his own body ached with arousal at the sight before him, and the power he felt at the way he could control his man. His free hand closed around his slave's testicles, squeezing those nuts firmly and pulling at them before letting go to grab instead at the rock hard penis pointing straight out from Noah's groin, hanging in the air below the platform of the slave bench."Holy Shit!" Noah exclaimed, as his master began to jerk his cock while all the time riding his arse with the toy.Nick laughed, standing again, and pulling the dildo all the way out of his partner. Forgetting his resolve to make Noah wait, he aimed his slicked and throbbing log at the puckering target between Noah's butt cheeks, and slammed himself into his boy at speed."Oh yeah," they chorused as Nick bottomed out against his man's flesh."Fuck me, Sir!" Viking called urgently."Take this, boy!" replied his Trojan, as Nick pounded his cock into Noah again and again. The squelching of the slave's innards around his steely cock felt so unbelievably good, and the Master thundered away at his slave with force, gripping the cross-straps of Noah's harness and pulling at them to gain more leverage as he fucked his boy hard and deep.Almost on the brink of explosion, Nick suddenly stopped, reefing his cock from the hot wet receptacle where it had been burying itself."Sir? Please ...?" Noah squealed in disappointment, his body wracked with shudders of approaching orgasm."I said ^� `when I'm ready', boy!" his Master replied throatily, only just maintaining his own composure., as he quickly fed the long, ribbed dildo back into his slave's hungry hole in place of his cock. To more grunts and hisses of pleasure from the boy, Nick gave the toy several more spins and pushes before landing a light slap on Noah's left cheek."Hold that thing in there, Viking," he ordered, as he stooped a little to grab a length of leather thong, long and Lolita Cumshots thin like a shoe-string. Quickly he looped and tied it around the base of the dildo, and holding the other end in one hand, stepped around to his slave's face yet again.Noah's visage was a study in concentration as he clenched his butt around the fake prong, determined not to let it slip from his arse. Nick grinned evilly as he tugged gently at the thong in his hand, pulling the dildo around within his boy, and sending waves of conflicting emotions ^� concern at the possibility of losing his grip, and pure pleasure at the movement within himself ^� over Noah's countenance. Once again, Nick began to slap his now slimy and ever hard cock against his slave's head. Each time it connected, it left a trail of slippery juice; lube and Noah's body fluids mixed with pre-cum, across the leather hood, or down the boy's chin."Look at my cock, Viking!" he commanded.Noah's eyes flew open and his mouth followed suit, trying to catch that meaty dong between his lips. "Yes, Trojan, Sir," he barked back."What do you see, boy?""Your mighty weapon, Sir," came the eager reply. "I need it, Sir. I want it in me, please Trojan!""Then take it, Viking," the Master exclaimed as he grabbed at the slave's hood with one hand, lifting the compliant head up so that his engorged dong could slam into that waiting throat. With his free hand, he pulled hard at the thong attached to the dildo, forcing the toy to jerk down and move about inside Noah's rectum.Noah would have groaned with pleasure at the double penetration if he could, but instead he simply hummed as Nick's long, thick prick forced its way into his gullet. Desperately resisting the urge to gag, he sucked that heated sabre, massaging it with his tongue as he continued to clamp his arse closed around the shuddering dildo filling his hole. He could taste the mix of liquids coating his master's cock, and smell the heady musk of sex as he slurped at the log assaulting his mouth. He sensed his partner lean over, and then the bottle of amyl was taken from his fingers, and held under his nose, adding its scent to the aromas of the room. Noah took a long deep breath, and allowed the sensation of tingling awareness to envelope him as the invasion of both ends of his body intensified.Nick fought against the urge to simply pound himself into Lolita Cumshots that glorious, wet mouth until he came. Filling his sight was a vision of submission. His cock, disappearing into a willing throat, obscured by a dark hood, fucked away at the prone form, causing it to rock back and forth on the bench. The body of his slave shuddered in its straps of gleaming leather and tight chaps, struggling unsuccessfully against the bindings holding his Viking down by wrist and leg. The thin black line of the leather thong stretched taut over the slave's back and wrapped around the base of the dildo, jerking and pulling at the toy in response to Nick's tugging, and causing even greater slurping and moaning from the body below him.Knowing he couldn't hold back for too much longer, Nick wrenched his cock from the vacuum tube that was Noah's throat, and moved quickly to stand behind his slave, pulling more and more at the dildo, watching carefully as, despite his slave's efforts, the toy slid with a series of puckered plops from its living scabbard. When finally Noah's hole was vacant again, Nick wasted no time in re-filling it with himself. He sidled up to his man's entrance and rested the knob of his prick at the twitching hole."Please, Sir, now!" Noah almost yelled. It was the plea Nick had been waiting for, and he obliged, shoving his length into his slave in a single, powered drive.A shared gasp from each of them signalled the bottoming out of Nick's sword within Noah's gut. Intense arousal filled them both as Nick revelled in the squelching wet heat surrounding his masculinity, and Noah gyrated himself back against the gigantic living snake filling his insides with pleasure."Fuck me, Trojan!" came a guttural hiss from the slave."Oh yeah," his master replied in a low, deep mutter, pulling back a little against the suctioning body before riding that chute again with his throbbing rod.Long, deep strokes of powerful penetration followed as Trojan fucked his Viking. Slow at first but growing in tempo and force with each hammering insertion. A symphony of grunting, gasping breaths and squelching, slapping flesh filled the dungeon as the flickering light of the candle cast a soft glow upon the sweating sheened bodies of the mating couple. The rich scent of tanned hide mixed with the musky aroma of male sex to fill the air, and the soft grip of smooth leather enwrapped the pair as they joined with each other and fucked.The sense of domination, of power, was almost total as Nick plunged his scalding poker into the wet cavern of his slave. The willing, begging boy beneath him twisted and shook, but Nick knew he could not move, bound to the slave bench as he was. Lolita Cumshots Nick had absolute control of another being, and used that control for his Lolita Cumshots own pleasure. It aroused him even more, and prompted a re-invigorated humping as he ploughed the soft arse deeper and harder. And somehow, on another plane of consciousness, he marvelled at the love he felt for Noah, and the love Noah offered him by such surrender, and knew he was a lucky man.For Noah, every nerve in his body was alive, every sense fulfilled. He trembled with the feeling of submission, the delight of unconditional surrender as his Master thundered into him, the raging stallion filling his body with pure pleasure. He pretended to pull against the chains binding him to the bench, but in truth those chains only heightened his delight. To give himself completely to his man, and to know that his Master took absolute pleasure from him, was so unbelievably exciting, so incredibly erotic, and at the same time so emotionally fulfilling. He shuddered within, not from the pounding his body received, wonderful as it was, but from the joy of giving, and receiving in return.It was the physical aspect of their joinder which now began to overcome each of them, however. The growing arousal brought on by lusty humping could only be resisted for so long, and each man was quickly losing his battle to hold back from the explosion of orgasm. Suddenly needing to be joined more completely with his slave, Nick lowered himself into position, his knees pushing into the backs of Noah's thighs as he fell forward to cover his slave's body with his own. Noah grunted as he felt the weight of Nick's chest hard against his back, but loved the feeling of being enclosed inside his man. He could feel the straps of Nick's harness against his skin, and hear the squealing of leather as his chaps rubbed against those of his master.Still fucking himself deep and hard into Noah's body, Nick wrapped his arms around his mate's chest. It felt incredible to have this strong, vibrant man held so tightly, and yet to be inside that body at the same time. His fingers found Noah's nipples, and as he pounded his cock into Viking's sphincter, he pulled at the hardened nubs, tweaking those tiny erections and winning even more delighted gasps and energetic twitchings from his partner.As one, crouching, sweating entity, the two fused into pure sex, mating hard and panting with indescribable pleasure as they humped and shook their way to a peak, l
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